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I hope its not too late to wish my readers Ramadhan Mubarak... we are on our 13th day in the holy month of Ramadhan... for the first time Sonia is able to fast the whole day... last yr she only managed to fast for half a day for a couple of days bef she started to tell stories like... "my tummy aches each time i see my kindy friends eat during break time"... ishhh she and her "always has a reason" attitude... i remember Hairi started fasting as early as 5 yrs old and only started his nonsense growing up stage when he was in the army ... one thing for sure... that episode in his life has taught me a lot abt "redha" (resign) ..... am just glad that it didnt last that long.. hes a working man now... has a fiancee and is saving his butt off for his big day lol
Anyway ever since we got home fm our back-to-back trip... i felt rejuvenated... my body feels rested... i had my massage while in Bangkok and KL... i got to rest well and sleep in as long as i wanted…

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